Organic energy storage: the CMBlu blog

Introducing the new CMBlu blog: a blog about how we can successfully achieve the energy revolution. It’s a topic we’ve been passionate about for years, so if you want to know more about how to set change in motion, the role of energy storage, and how an organisation fosters practical energy-based innovations, read on!
CMBlu Editorial TeamMay 30th, 2022

Welcome to the CMBlu blog. In this first issue we aim to give an overview of what you can expect from future blog articles. At the same time, we want to use this opportunity to explain our CMBlu’s motivation and present our expertise in the field of large-scale energy storage solutions. As you can imagine, there’s also one topic that drives us as a battery manufacturer: the energy revolution. Let’s first take a look at the current situation.

Devoting our energies to the energy revolution

Across almost all sectors, current debate about the energy revolution centres on the question of doing without. This is the case in the private market, when we talk about CO2-neutral food or mobility, for example. But creating a climate-neutral energy supply is an equally demanding challenge for the economy. Common wisdom tells us that renewable energy is expensive. Whether this is true or not depends on whether, and how efficiently, we can store our energy. While this subject has been a driver for us for many years, we’re not claiming to be satisfied with the solutions offered today. In our view, there’s a lack of scalability, security, competitiveness, flexibility and, not least, sustainability.

Who are CMBlu?

Dissatisfaction with the status quo has served as motivation for us for around a decade, initially in the context of a research project on organic flow batteries, and later in the CMBlu organisation which grew out of it. And what makes organic flow batteries such an interesting technology?

The answer is straightforward – they fulfil the requirements to serve as the backbone of a climate-neutral energy economy.

From this technical innovation, inspired by nature itself, we can offer green, economical, readily scalable storage solutions which can be adapted to multiple requirements. We see it as our responsibility to apply this technology for the betterment of humanity. We want to make a meaningful contribution so future generations can live in a CO2-neutral society, without compromising their living standards.

Four topics to talk about 

In concerning ourselves with solutions to help make renewable energies the planet’s primary energy sources, we feel we are in a good position to discuss four distinct topics with you. These are the energy revolution itself, the various battery technologies and their respective potential, the question as to how we are to make our innovations practical, as well as the issues and challenges facing us as an innovative enterprise in what is a high-risk and dynamic environment.

The challenge of large-scale energy storage

A significant drawback of renewable energies is their volatility. If the sun fails to shine, or if the wind doesn’t blow, there is no energy.  The consequence of this is as simple as it is far-reaching: without appropriate energy storage, humanity will not be able to move to 100% renewable energy.

The CMBlu Blog tackles the question of what would cause an energy revolution based on current technology to fail, proposes possible solutions for a successful transformation of our energy supply, explains the success factors – here we will come back to energy storage – and presents a picture of what we believe a CO2-neutral economy might look like.

The current state of battery technology

An imperative for the energy revolution will be the ability to store renewably produced energy. As such, the state of battery technology is a critical factor. That’s why we’ll concentrate on the question of which technologies exist currently, what battery research holds for future developments and the technical factors which determine if a technology will succeed in progressing the energy revolution.

Innovation – how to create it, how to use it. 

Creating a climate-neutral planet is an existential task for humanity this century. It is a task that demands innovation, market-driven solutions and multi-faceted collaboration.  

Our own innovation management deals with how vertical collaboration will work, what the business models of tomorrow will look like and, of course, how to tread the path from technological innovation to market-ready solution.

Transparency wins out.

The CMBlu Blog also aims to provide an insight into our work and the progress of our tech projects, with ongoing reporting of company milestones and developments. At the heart of this will be the knowledge we gain and share, the lessons learned along the way, how projects are unfolding, and what makes CMBlu of interest from an investor perspective.

Organic energy storage will change the world.

Interested in learning about alternative approaches to tackling current and future energy issues? If you want to get close to the scientific brains behind the technology or put us to test, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here you’ll find regular articles that investigate what we can do, and need to do, to solve tomorrow’s energy problems.   

Organic energy storage will change the world. If this sentence piques your interest, make sure to come back often and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter!