The future of bulk energy storage is organic

Our Organic SolidFlow battery is paving the way for a fair and sustainable energy future across multiple sectors and markets, worldwide. We're passionate about solving the global energy challenge. Because the time for a zero-emissions future is now.

Your benefits of Organic SolidFlow batteries

  • Freely Scalable

    By separating the tanks from the stacks, you scale power and capacity independently of each other. This enables a customized design specifically tailored to your individual requirements at all voltage levels – up to the gigawatt range.

  • Eternally Sustainable

    Our organic electrolytes are free of rare materials and conflict raw materials from precarious, ecologically questionable mining. What's more, they are fully recyclable. This means you can be completely sustainable in all aspects of your power supply forever.

  • Guaranteed Safe

    The aqueous electrolytes in the tanks do not burn or explode. In addition, they do not contaminate the environment. This guarantees you reliable operation and that your energy storage tanks from CMBlu are working safely.”

More about our Organic SolidFlow battery technology
The Company

Ready for Production

Organic chemistry, biotechnology and technical know-how: With these three core competencies, we will soon be producing unique energy storage systems on an industrial scale in our new Battery Production Center.


Work for the good of the planet

Join us and work on a groundbreaking technology for the renewable energy transition. Become part of a dynamic, capable team dedicated to creating a greener future.

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