CMBlu Energy – the world’s first truly green battery

See what drives us to push the boundaries of energy storage technology.

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The future of bulk energy storage is organic

Our organic redox flow battery is paving the way for a fair and sustainable energy future across multiple sectors and markets, worldwide. We're passionate about solving the global energy challenge. Because the time for a zero-emissions future is now.

Benefits of organic flow batteries

  • Scalable

    Our organic flow technology enables industrial-scale batteries all the way to gigawatt territory.

  • Organic electrolyte

    Our electrolytes are long-lasting, reusable and entirely recyclable.

  • Versatile and safe

    Our flexible batteries adapt to various applications and are non-flammable and non-explosive.

More about our organic redox flow battery
The Company

The first organic flow battery

We’re the company behind the first truly green battery – all thanks to our unique combination of deep chemical, biotech and engineering expertise and our clear vision of a zero-emissions future.


Work for the good of the planet

Join us and work on a groundbreaking technology for the renewable energy transition. Become part of a dynamic, capable team dedicated to creating a greener future.

CMBlu news and updates

Technology breakthroughs, awards, company updates – there is a lot happening at CMBlu Energy AG. Watch this space to stay up to date with the latest developments.