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The future of long duration energy storage is organic.

Our Organic SolidFlow™ battery is paving the way for a fair and sustainable energy future across multiple sectors and markets, worldwide.

We are passionate about solving the global energy challenge. Because the time for a zero-emissions future is now.

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Note: CMBlu currently offers energy storage at commercial, industrial, and utility scales. Organic SolidFlow is not currently available as residential scale solutions.

Join us at #REPlus Tech

Join CMBlu Energy on September 12 from 2:30pm-3:30pm, as Ben Kaun, President, and other industry experts, present at #REPlusTech. Ben’s presentation, “Safe, Secure, and Sustainable Long-Duration Energy Storage Using Organic SolidFlow Batteries” will conclude the Tech Session titled “Tapping into Long-Duration Energy Storage in the Race to Net Zero”.

RE+ Tech is the event for the technical and scientific communities to present and share innovative research in the solar, storage, and smart energy industries at North American’s largest clean energy event. This event within-an-event showcases scientific content from industry leaders and provides a hub for science and tech trailblazers to come together, share research, and innovate tomorrow’s clean energy solutions.