CMBlu Energy and SRP Live on "Arizona Horizon"

newsJanuary 26th, 2024

In a live segment on January 24, 2024, CMBlu Energy, Inc. President Giovanni Damato, and Salt River Project’s (SRP) Manager of Research and Environmental Policy, Chico Hunter, sat down with Ted Simons from Arizona Horizon to discuss SRP’s new energy storage plan.The solution, Desert Blume, is an innovative long-duration energy storage pilot project set to be deployed in the Phoenix area by the end of 2025.Watch the full interview on Arizona Horizon on PBS here.

Giovanni explained what CMBlu’s Organic SolidFlowbatteries are made of, how they’re different from traditional lithium-ion batteries, and the potential impact of CMBlu’s technology in the energy storage space. Desert Blume is the first U.S. utility-scale deployment of CMBlu’s safe, sustainable, and secure batteries and has a 5MW / 10-hour duration. With this sizing, CMBlu’s system is expected to power about 1,100 homes in SRP’s service territory for a duration that is 2-3 times longer per cycle than currently available commercial storage options.

For how this project benefits SRP, Chico emphasized the non-flammability and recyclability of CMBlu’s technology and how this is the utility’s first foray into long-duration storage, which will become an increasingly important part of the grid for a booming metro area.

For SRP, this is a really exciting and important project… [because] we’re experiencing a period of heavy load growth. Pairing storage with solar energy enables us to keep the grid there for customers even when the sun isn’t available or at nighttime. And a technology like this is really important for us because it’s a longer duration storage technology.

Chico Hunter, Manager of Research and Environmental Policy at SRP

Watch the full interview on Arizona Horizon on PBS here.

About CMBlu Energy

CMBlu Energy is a leading designer and manufacturer of safe, sustainable, and secure long-duration battery energy storage systems. CMBlu’s patented Organic SolidFlow™ technology solutions are made of earth-abundant, non-lithium raw materials. The company aims to manufacture domestically at high volume, delivering energy storage solutions for a range of industrial applications from utility-scale to commercial customers. CMBlu employs over 190 people in Germany and the United States.