Change of leadership at CMBlu: With Constantin Eis as new CEO into the next phase of development

press-releaseMarch 13th, 2024

Alzenau, March 13, 2023 – Constantin Eis will join CMBlu Energy AG on 01.04.2024 and take over the management of the storage manufacturer as CEO. He will transform CMBlu Energy from a research and technology company into a global cleantech company.Foto: Constantin Eis (left), Dr. Peter Geigle (right)

This decision was reached after thorough initial discussions during an extraordinary meeting of the Supervisory Board on Wednesday. On its way to becoming the world's leading energy storage provider, the company sees itself optimally positioned with this line-up. With Constantin Eis, CMBlu Energy is a congenial partner who will be responsible for the consistent further development of the business areas and the corporate strategy, while founder Dr. Peter Geigle will also focus on the visionary further development of SolidFlow technology in the future.

Since CMBlu Energy was founded in 2014, our company and our unique Organic SolidFlow battery have developed excellently to date. Without the great commitment and passionate dedication of the entire team, such consistent growth would not have been possible. Now we want to lead the company into the next phase of development, serially produce our energy storage systems and establish them on the national and international market.

Dr. Peter Geigle, founder of CMBlu Energy AG

As a successful biotech entrepreneur, he founded CMBlu Energy in 2014 with the vision of developing large-scale storage batteries based on organic molecules. From the very beginning, nature served as a model. The principle of how energy is transported and stored in living cells has been transferred to a technical level and can be applied to a large scale. He and his company made their breakthrough in 2020 with the patented Organic SolidFlow battery – a battery that is non-flammable or explosive compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries and almost completely recyclable, with comparable energy density.

The recent addition of the Austrian STRABAG to the group of shareholders at the end of 2023 through a capital increase of EUR 100 million is once again proof of the company's rapidly positive and successful development. Above all, on a technical but also on a business level, Dr. Peter Geigle has decisively driven CMBlu Energy forward and led it to this success. The logical step is now his move to the Supervisory Board in order to devote his undivided attention to the strategic direction and evolution of the battery.

Dr. Peter Geigle will be succeeded by Constantin Eis. The former Managing Director (CEO) of LichtBlick SE made a decisive contribution to the successful transformation process of Germany's largest pure green electricity provider and was responsible for the consistent change of strategy from a green electricity pioneer to an integrated energy company. With his expertise, broad knowledge of the industry and experience at the top of various companies, Constantin Eis is the ideal person for the management position at CMBlu Energy. In addition, he has known the company for about 3 years, and has closely followed and supported its development.

CMBlu Energy is a highly exciting and relevant company in the clean tech sector and the most exciting company in the energy sector worldwide. With the Organic SolidFlow battery, it has an efficient and innovative product that will play a decisive role in the energy transition. I look forward to being part of the excellent team and leading the company into the next phase of development," says Constantin Eis, future CEO of CMBlu Energy. "Our priority now is to push ahead the serial production and delivery of our innovative non-lithium-based energy storage systems. To this end, we are currently building the first fully automated gigafactory here in Alzenau. The energy storage market is growing rapidly, and there is tremendous interest from potential customers, which we will commercialize now.

Constantin Eis, future CEO of CMBlu Energy AG

With Constantin, we have found the perfect candidate for the position as CEO, who is a proven industry expert and has an excellent network. In combination with his strength, commitment and drive, we are convinced that he will significantly develop our company operationally and strategically. I am very much looking forward to working with him – together we will reach the next milestones in our agenda.

Dr. Peter Geigle, founder of CMBlu Energy AG

About CMBlu Energy

Since its foundation in 2014 CMBlu Energy AG in Alzenau in the Rhine-Main Area, Germany, develops Organic SolidFlow batteries and is one of the largest developers of high-efficient energy storage systems on a non-lithium-ion basis in the multi-megawatt range.

SolidFlow batteries store energy in organic molecules – similar to nature. They are secure, sustainable, and affordable, the raw materials are environmentally friendly, abundantly available, and not based on insecure supply chains or conflict-ridden, environmentally harmful methods. This turns the SolidFlow energy storage systems into a crucial key component for building a global climate-neutral energy system.

CMBlu Energy employs over 190 employees in Germany and the USA – 100 of which work in research and development. With the upcoming serial production and market entry of their energy storage systems in Europe and the USA, the company is focusing on a clear course of growth.

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