CMBlu board participates in World Economic Forum in Davos

press-releaseJanuary 19th, 2023

Alzenau, 19 January 2023 – Dr. Nastaran Krawczyk, CTO of innovative energy storage manufacturer CMBlu Energy, speaks at the renowned World Economic Forum in Davos at the “Green Accelerator” event. In her speech she will present the technology and the applications of the new Organic SolidFlow™ Battery. CMBlu’s energy storage systems use solid and liquid carbon-based materials and are free from rare metals. They are non-flammable, non-explosive and therefore very safe to operate. SolidFlow Batteries provide a high energy density and durability, they are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable while having low manufacturing costs. Power and capacity of the sustainable batteries are independently scalable and can store energy amounts of up to gigawatt hours.

CMBlu positions itself as pioneer for sustainable energy storage production in Davos

Sustainability and ecology are a significant focus in this year’s World Economic Forum agenda. Alongside CMBlu, several other sustainability-driven start-ups and technology developers will present their projects and products at the “Green Accelerator” event. Identifying and scaling technology that can accelerate the energy transition is a key area of interest in Davos. Many of the sessions will focus on the question “How will technological innovation in the area of energy storage push the energy transition forward?”. Thought leaders and decision makers will exchange views on the future of energy production and energy supply.

Markus Geigle, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Dr. Nastaran Krawczyk, CTO

The “Battery Passport” sessions will focus on supply chain issues and help identify critical challenges that need to be addressed throughout battery lifecycles to scale the technology. CMBlu positions itself as a pioneer in sustainable battery production: All materials needed to produce the SolidFlow energy storage system are obtained from local supply chains.

Organic SolidFlow Batteries can be designed to discharge electricity for 5 to 10 hours or more to meet electric utility resource adequacy requirements and smooth the volatility of utility-scale renewable energy projects. CMBlu’s energy storage systems are designed for high cycling, fast response to provide power system reserves and help address system contingencies, or provide critical backup power. Hence, SolidFlow Batteries are a key player in the energy transition. CMBlu is running multiple pilot projects to validate them in core markets. The company is currently raising new capital in order to start , the large-scale production of SolidFlow energy storage systems in Germany and in the USA in 2024.


About CMBlu

Ever since CMBlu Energy AG was founded in 2014, the company based in the Rhine Main region has been developing Organic SolidFlow batteries. It is now one of the world’s largest developers of non-lithium-based energy storage systems in the multi-megawatt range. CMBlu employs over 170 people, more than 100 of whom are involved in research and development. With the impending market launch of its energy storage systems, the company is clearly on course for growth.



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