Energy transition gathering speed: Nationwide quick-charging network for e-mobility made possible by CMBlu’s large-scale storage systems

press-releaseJuly 11th, 2022

Alzenau, July 11, 2022 – For CMBlu, the German manufacturer of organic solid-flow energy storage systems, the EU Parliament’s decision to no longer allow the sale of new cars with combustion engines from 2035 comes as no surprise. “The future of mobility will be largely electric. In order to achieve this goal, particularly with regard to the necessary charging infrastructure, large, sustainable, and inexpensive energy storage systems are needed. We are close to starting production with our solid-flow technology and will mass-produce these innovative energy storage systems in the coming years,” explains Dr. Peter Geigle, founder and CEO of CMBlu.

Besides the conversion of automotive production to electric drive systems, one of the main challenges over the coming years will be the nationwide expansion of the charging infrastructure. A considerable number of charging points where electric vehicles can be charged quickly are needed throughout Europe. The problem: The grid is currently not at all designed for this purpose, which is why large energy storage systems are becoming particularly important as a way of supporting the grid.

Solid-flow energy storage systems benefit operators of electric filling stations in many ways

CMBlu’s solid-flow energy storage systems have a modular structure in terms of both capacity and output and are scalable up to the gigawatt range. Thanks to the storage systems’ grid-friendly load transfer and peak shaving during operation, the grids can be utilized more efficiently and in a way that preserves them. This can be really beneficial for operators because it reduces the grid charges payable by the upstream grid operator. It is also possible to feed power from an operator’s own PV or wind turbines into the charging station storage systems, making e-mobility even more sustainable.

Safe and sustainable “game-changing” technology from Alzenau

Compared to other large-scale storage systems currently on the market, CMBlu’s solid-flow energy storage systems feature impressive safety, flexibility, and sustainability. What’s more, they are inexpensively priced. In the future, they can be integrated into e-charging stations within existing infrastructures such as classic filling stations, industrial sites, parking garages, or residential areas. In contrast to conventional batteries based on sometimes expensive, rare, or conflict metals, CMBlu storage technology is based on organic electrolytes and solid materials, combining the advantages of flow and solid-state batteries without the disadvantages associated with them. The energy storage systems are thus both nonflammable and nonexplosive and pose an extremely low environmental risk even in the event of a malfunction.

Almost all of the raw materials used are available in sufficient quantities and do not come from dubious mining sources. Furthermore, they can also be procured locally and are therefore not dependent on problematic supply chains. CMBlu is thus supporting the energy transition and the achievement of climate goals with safe, sustainable, and ethically sound solutions for the long term.


About CMBlu

Ever since CMBlu Energy AG was founded in 2014, the company based in Alzenau has grown to become one of the world’s leading developers and suppliers of sustainable energy storage solutions in the field of organic solid-flow batteries. CMBlu employs over 160 people who work on the research, development, and production of its innovative batteries based on organic molecules.

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