Sustainable large-scale storage systems from CMBlu key to self-sufficient energy supply for industry

press-releaseAugust 11th, 2022

Alzenau, August 11, 2022 – CMBlu, the German manufacturer of organic solid-flow energy storage systems, is currently experiencing a significant increase in demand for its organic large-scale storage systems on the part of energy-intensive industrial companies. The background is the huge increase in electricity costs, which are creating financial difficulties for more and more medium-sized industrial companies and driving inflation. By installing CMBlu’s scalable and sustainable large-scale storage systems with outputs starting at one megawatt and battery capacity extending up to the gigawatt-hour range, these companies want to make themselves less dependent on grid power. “Through load transfer and peak shaving, our organic solid-flow batteries help to minimize grid charges and electricity costs,” explains Dr. Peter Geigle, founder and CEO of CMBlu. Compared to other large-scale storage systems currently on the market, the company’s energy storage systems feature impressive safety, flexibility, and sustainability. What’s more, they are inexpensively priced.

Using renewable energies to generate a self-sufficient energy supply is becoming ever more attractive to companies

A growing number of industrial companies no longer want to be dependent on expensive electricity tariffs. They are therefore opting for green electricity and building their own solar modules on their factory roofs or signing direct supply contracts with wind turbine operators. CMBlu’s large-scale storage solutions are ideal for making best use of this cheap and clean electricity and increasing the degree of self-sufficiency. They reduce the amount of power drawn from the grid and make the load more manageable, supply the company with clean energy even when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing, and provide the option of offering excess capacity to future electricity markets. The decentralized storage systems are thus also helping to drive the energy transition. Valuable, lower priced green electricity from the grid can then be used primarily for the mobility and heating transition. “The organic solid-flow batteries can also guarantee an uninterruptible power supply in the event of blackouts in the upstream grid. As such, they are not only replacing diesel generators, but also making an impression in direct comparison with significantly lower response times and higher reliability,” explains Dr. Peter Geigle.

Organic solid-flow batteries: safe and sustainable energy storage systems

Operation of organic solid-flow batteries is incredibly reliable and safe thanks to the combined benefits of flow and solid-state batteries. Aqueous electrolytes and organic solid materials can reduce risks to a minimum, particularly the risk of fire. The entire value chain involved in the production of large-scale storage systems can be developed locally without having to use long transport routes and depend on imports. CMBlu does not need rare earth elements or conflict metals for production, thus avoiding environmentally and ethically problematic mining and processing. “Sustainable energy storage requires sustainable materials, environmentally friendly production processes, and functioning recycling concepts from the very start,” stresses Dr. Peter Geigle. With these features, the organic solid-flow batteries also help industrial companies to gear their sustainability strategy toward a climate-neutral and resource-saving future. “Irrespective of rising regulatory standards and the companies’ own responsibility, this approach also makes sense with regard to sustainability ratings, customers, investors, and a society that is increasingly aware of its responsibility,” adds Dr. Peter Geigle.

One drawback is the high level of demand: Current battery production capacity is already taken up by numerous pilot projects until the end of 2023, which is why CMBlu is working hard to expand its production operation.

About CMBlu

Ever since CMBlu Energy AG was founded in 2014, the company based in the Rhein-Main region has been developing organic solid-flow batteries. It is now one of the world’s largest developers of non-lithium-based energy storage systems in the multi-megawatt range. CMBlu employs over 150 people in the areas of research, development, and production. With the impending market launch of its battery systems, the company is clearly on course for growth.


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