Mercedes-Benz Orders First Sustainable SolidFlow Energy Storage System by CMBlu Energy

press-releaseMarch 21st, 2024

ALZENAU, GERMANY, 21 March 2024Mercedes-Benz Group AG announced it has ordered an 11MWh CMBlu Energy SolidFlow battery for use in the car maker’s Rastatt plant in Germany. Mercedes-Benz Group AG is gradually growing the share of renewable energy used to supply its production network – e.g. by expanding photovoltaic systems. To meet the needs for increased renewable energy supply for its operations, Mercedes-Benz Group AG will be utilizing the SolidFlow battery for supplying energy storage and increasing the company’s clean energy reliability and resiliency efforts.

Mercedes-Benz Group AG’s first Organic SolidFlow project will be realized in the second half of 2025 at the Rastatt site. For this specific project, the carmaker has invested in the single-digit euro amount. The battery in Rastatt will be able to store and release approximately 11 MWh of green electricity, e.g. generated by the plant’s own pv systems, over a period of multiple hours. This is the battery energy equivalent of more than 150 fully electric EQA models which are being produced at the Rastatt plant.

We are contributing to the renewable energy future on our end: we want to play an active role in shaping the energy transition. It’s critically important for our team to integrate energy storage systems into our production centers which are increasingly powered by renewable energy. With the help of Organic SolidFlow technology from CMBlu Energy, we can pursue an innovative approach to this challenge and are looking forward to introducing this battery at our Rastatt plant soon.

Jörg Burzer, Board Bember at Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Production, Quality and Supply Chain Management

Organic SolidFlow energy storage systems for industrial applications

This order from a leading car manufacturer marks a significant step for CMBlu Energy’s transition from a cutting-edge research operation to a fast-scaling cleantech company with global reach whose serial production will be starting in the third quarter of 2024.

We are happy to actively shape the resilience and independence of the European electricity supply together with Mercedes-Benz. Recent years have shown the enormous relevance of developing an independent energy supply. With the Organic SolidFlow battery, we are approaching the energy transition proactively with a dynamic and especially high-tech solution. Recent years have shown the enormous relevance of developing an independent energy supply. With the Organic SolidFlow battery, we are approaching the energy transition proactively with a dynamic and especially high-tech solution.

Constantin Eis, newly appointed CEO of CMBlu Energy, who officially begins in his new role April 1, 2024

CMBlu Energy’s SolidFlow battery is an ideal fit for Mercedes-Benz Group AG’s project as the unit is modular and therefore easily scalable, safe in operation, produced without the need for rare or critical raw materials, and can be nearly fully recycled. In addition, the battery is cost effective to produce as its main organic components are widely available.

Our SolidFlow battery storage systems are ideal for buffering and therefore integrating the increasing amounts of renewable energy into European power grids. CMBlu’s innovative battery designs rely on natural and practically infinitely available resources, which avoids the need for new dependencies on raw materials – unlike with more common metal-based batteries. Since metal batteries continue to be indispensable for expanding electric mobility, we don’t see a competition here but an absolutely reasonable coexistence. We look forward to additional growth and demand for CMBlu’s innovative battery technology over the next year, including expansion of our company’s operations in North America.

Dr. Peter Geigle, founder and retiring CEO of CMBlu Energy, who will be newly installed as chairman of the company’s board in April

About CMBlu Energy

Founded in Alzenau in the Rhine-Main Area, Germany in 2014, CMBlu Energy AG, develops Organic SolidFlow batteries and is one of the largest developers of high-efficiency energy storage systems utilizing unique, non-lithium-ion technology in the multi-megawatt range.

SolidFlow batteries store energy in organic molecules – similar to nature. They are secure, sustainable, affordable, and the raw materials are environmentally friendly, abundantly available, and not based on insecure supply chains or conflict-ridden, environmentally harmful extraction. This turns the SolidFlow energy storage systems into a crucial key component for building a global climate-neutral energy system.

CMBlu Energy employs over 190 employees in Germany and the USA – 100 of which work in research and development. With the upcoming serial production and market entry of their energy storage systems in Europe and the USA, the company is focusing on a clear course of growth.

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