Uniper and CMBlu Energy intensify collaboration for the transformation of the Staudinger power plant site in Hesse, Germany

press-releaseMarch 15th, 2023

UniBlu project between Uniper and CMBlu Energy introduced

Uniper Plans Next Generation Power Plant With „Energy Hub” Data Centers, Renewable Energy with Heat Generation, and Large Energy Storage Systems Near Frankfurt

Photo: Dr. Peter Geigle, CEO and founder of CMBlu Energy, and Dr. Christian Folke, Uniper Innovation

Alzenau / Großkrotzenburg, Germany, 15 March 2023 – The Uniper Staudinger power plant will be transformed into an “Energy Hub” for climate-neutral energy production and use. A detailed master plan was presented to representatives from politics, economics, and the general public on 28 February 2023 at the Staudinger power plant in Großkrotzenburg.  Uniper’s decarbonization plan includes the operation of several heat pumps, a biomass-fueled boiler, a biomethane-fueled combined heat and power plant, as well as a photovoltaic system for heat generation.  CMBlu’s innovative energy storage technology will be an integral part of the transition to a climate-neutral “Energy Hub” by helping to smooth out intermittent renewable energy production at the site and provide critical backup power.

After successful testing, the Organic SolidFlow batteries from long-duration energy storage producer CMBlu will contribute to increasing the production of regenerative heat. In 2023, a first pilot storage system with 1 MW power and 1 MWh capacity will be connected to the power plant’s own demand grid for a two-year test run of the technology. After successful completion of the test period, a larger energy storage system with a capacity of 250 MWh could be built as a “warehouse for electricity” at the power plant site. These innovative long duration energy storage systems are modularly built and therefore theoretically extendable into the GWh range. They are manufactured without the use of critical raw materials such as lithium or cobalt. SolidFlow batteries store electric energy in almost infinitely available electrolytes. They do not use environmentally hazardous materials, and they are sustainable, non-flammable, and secure to operate.

Secure supply and base load capability for renewable energies

According to Uniper’s master plan, data centers for the Frankfurt IT hub could be sited at the power plant’s location. CMBlu’s long duration energy storage systems could be of particular importance in this context: In the event of power failure, the energy storage system would continue to supply the energy-intensive data centers with electricity and serve as backup power. Uniper is also considering the construction of green hydrogen power plants to increase energy production. In the long term, the goal is to make the Staudinger site climate-neutral.

“The discrepancy between the production and the demand of renewable energies is the biggest challenge. The SolidFlow batteries with their high storage capacity would be an ideal solution for this energy hub with large generation and consumption plants located directly next to each other.”

Dr. Peter Geigle, CEO and founder of CMBlu Energy AG

Storage systems as link between fluctuating production and demand

“By creating a renewable base load, the Organic SolidFlow batteries allow important gaps in the flexibility requirements of an energy industry geared towards renewable energy to be closed.”

Matthias Hube, Head of Uniper Power Plant Staudinger

In the medium- and long-term, energy storage systems which can store large amounts of energy for 24 hours and more will be needed. CMBlu’s SolidFlow energy storage systems offer a high degree of flexibility to ensure the security of supply for reinventing the Staudinger power plant site. Another argument for the CMBlu batteries: Especially for the planned data centers, the storage systems – produced in the Battery Production Center in Alzenau, just 8 km away – can be crucial as back-up for potential black-outs and replace or complement the otherwise conventional emergency generators. 

About CMBlu

CMBlu Energy is a leading designer and manufacturer of safe and sustainable long-duration industrial battery storage systems. CMBlu’s patented Organic SolidFlow™ technology solutions are made of earth-abundant, non-lithium-based raw materials. The technology has significant cost and safety advantages compared to lithium-ion, with a high energy density that takes up less space to affordably provide high power and longer-duration performance. After its operating life, virtually the entire battery system can be disassembled, recycled, or reused. The company aims to manufacture domestically at high volume, delivering energy storage solutions for a range of industrial applications from utility-scale to commercial customers. CMBlu employs over 190 people in Germany and the U.S.


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