CMBlu Energy finalist at "WIPO Global Awards 2024"

June 20th, 2024

It is the third time the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has been calling for applications for its "patent world championships".Out of 667 applicants for the WIPO Global Awards 2024 CMBlu Energy makes it into the Top 25 as an SME in the "Green Tech“ category.Besides SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises), start-ups were invited to take part in this year's round as well.

Criteria for the WIPO Global Awards 2024 are:

  • Driving IP assets into profitable commercial ventures
  • Leveraging on IP for business growth
  • Delivering commercial solutions for SDG impact

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The patent landscape is diverse

Participtants come from 107 countries. The Top 3 regions of origin are China, Africa and Asia-Pacific. CMBlu Energy competes in the category "Green Tech" which is the third largest sector after categories "Health" and "Information and Communication Technology" (ICT).

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Up to eight from a jury selected category winners will each receive the following package of assets:

  • Tailored 1:1 mentoring on strategies for the commercialization of IP assets -including fundraising and commercial partnership opportunities.
  • International promotion and visibility across various business audiences.
  • Attendance to the prestigious Awards Ceremony and networking events in Geneva, with travel expenses covered.
  • Access to WIPO network and resources for IP management advisory.

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CMBlu Energy has set up its IP portfolio around the SolidFlow™ technology at an early stage, proactively and sustainably with patent applications and word and design marks. Over 140 patent applications led to 29 granted patents.

Ob es auch für den Sieg bei den WIPO Global Awards 2024 reicht: wir sind gespannt. 

Whether it will be enough to win a WIPO Global Award: We will see.

Now it's time to wait and keep our fingers crossed.


About CMBlu Energy

Founded in Alzenau in the Rhine-Main Area, Germany in 2014, CMBlu Energy AG, develops Organic SolidFlow batteries and is one of the largest developers of high-efficiency energy storage systems utilizing unique, non-lithium-ion technology in the multi-megawatt range.

SolidFlow batteries store energy in organic molecules – similar to nature. They are secure, sustainable, affordable, and the raw materials are environmentally friendly, abundantly available, and not based on insecure supply chains or conflict-ridden, environmentally harmful extraction. This turns the SolidFlow energy storage systems into a crucial key component for building a global climate-neutral energy system.

CMBlu Energy employs over 190 employees in Germany and the USA – 100 of which work in research and development. With the upcoming serial production and market entry of their energy storage systems in Europe and the USA, the company is focusing on a clear course of growth.