CMBlu in the political magazine "Berlin direkt"

newsNovember 14th, 2022

Two cameramen, two sound assistants and Andreas Huppert, one of ZDF's most distinguished political editors: the five-member team from ZDF's Berlin studio traveled all the way to Alzenau to see the technical revolution that CMBlu has been working on since its founding: Safe and sustainable batteries for large amounts of energy, which are manufactured without rare or conflict raw materials and critical supply chains. These innovative batteries are just as energy-efficient but cheaper than lithium-ion batteries.

Despite the "technical revolution from Lower Franconia" that aims to contribute to the successful energy transition, CMBlu Energy remained unnoticed by German politicians for many years. The company founder Dr. Peter Geigle therefore decided to avoid the time-consuming bureaucracy of applying for subsidies. He raised the 100 million euros for research, development and production of the innovative batteries together with both allied and enthusiastic investors. Considering the background that countries such as the US have been currently launching billion-dollar subsidy programs to promote domestic battery storage production, the political apathy in Germany was incomprehensible to ZDF's political editors.

After all, the CMBlu's bulk energy storage batteries are urgently needed

for example, to make renewable energies capable for the base loads, to increase grid stability or to reduce electricity prices sustainably. The demand for the storage systems from Alzenau is extremely high, even on the other side of the Atlantic, so that it led to the founding of CMBlu Energy Inc. in the US. The report of "Berlin direkt" therefore warns emphatically that Germany and Europe should not miss the next opportunity to take the leading role in the field of energy and not to get again into a fatal situation, where they are dependent on external energy resources.

The entire report from "Berlin direkt" is available here in the ZDF media library (from minute 14:15)

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