Energy Storage Solutions

Applications for Organic SolidFlow batteries range from renewable power generation to emobility, industrial applications, energy trading, maritime and more

Organic flow batteries from CMBlu will benefit those planning and operating tomorrow’s EV charging stations and the consumers who use them too.

Our battery solutions help ensure economical, reliable and sustainable energy supply to industrial sites.

Efficient, scalable organic flow batteries have enormous potential in combination with intermittent solar and wind power generation. 

With the increasing global reliance on volatile power sources, large-scale flow batteries can limit the need for costly extensions to the electricity grid.

Our organic flow batteries are able to decarbonize microgrids. Explore the technology and the benefits.

Organic flow batteries will help to decarbonize shipping thanks to greener battery solutions.

Breakthrough battery storage solutions will create additional front-of-meter revenues in day ahead trading, real time trading, intraday trading and ancillary services.