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Multiple opportunities for CMBlu batteries behind-the-meter

Commercial & Industrial applications for energy storage with Organic SolidFlow batteries

Operators of commercial or industrial sites face numerous challenges when it comes to energy supply. These can be clustered into three categories:

  1. Minimizing energy costs
  2. Ensuring resilience and an uninterrupted energy supply
  3. Managing the growing awareness of sustainability and the need for climate and environmental protection, ethical considerations as well as related regulations and standards

Finally, our breakthrough Organic SolidFlow batteries are able to support industrial power consumers with all of these challenges.

1. Reduced energy costs 

Because Organic SolidFlow batteries enable load shifting and peak shaving, they help manufacturers reduce grid fees or demand charges, avoid electric service upgrade costs, defer utility infrastructure investment upgrade and optimize electricity tariffs. In fact, industrial sites often present the lowest hanging fruits in terms of business cases for battery storages: small investments result in sizeable cost savings. For companies running on-site cogeneration plants, our batteries enable a temporary decoupling of the fixed ratio of combined heat and power generation (CHP). This additional degree of freedom is yet another key parameter that supports plant optimization and cost reduction.

2. Large-scale Organic SolidFlow batteries as backup power

In the case of blackouts or other electric supply interruptions, batteries from CMBlu can provide resilience and backup power. They not only substitute emergency diesel generators, but also react much faster and more reliably than these. Our Organic SolidFlow batteries offer excellent longevity, pairing a high cycle life with a long calendar life. They also guarantee extremely safe operation due to their aqueous electrolyte solutions, meaning no thermal runaway and no fires as witnessed with lithium-ion systems. In addition, the Organic SolidFlow technology is characterized by low self-discharge due to the separation of energy storage materials in external tanks.

3. Greener batteries for improved sustainability all-around

Our Organic SolidFlow batteries not only elevate manufacturers' sustainability impact by perfectly integrating intermittent on-site and off-site renewable power generation or supporting on-site EV charging. Going beyond performance, Organic SolidFlow batteries are also engineered to be fully sustainable themselves. The entire battery value chain can be realized locally, meaning no import dependencies and a compact supply chain. In contrast to lithium-ion systems, there is no need for rare and conflicted materials, which avoids any ecologically or ethically questionable extraction processes. CMBlu uses only environmentally friendly electrolytes based on organic molecules, which are long-lasting, reusable and fully recyclable. In other words, CMBlu’s Organic SolidFlow batteries do their part to make the world a whole lot greener. Their properties will help support industrial electricity consumers in expanding their sustainability roadmap towards a climate-neutral, resource saving and responsible future. Regardless of increasing regulatory standards and more corporate responsibility, this path is indispensable with regard to sustainability ratings, customers, investors and an increasingly environmentally aware society.

Additional front-of-meter revenues

What’s more, these attractive behind-the-meter benefits of our Organic SolidFlow batteries for industry are bolstered by lucrative front-of-meter opportunities: Free battery capacity can be temporarily sold to the electricity markets, so energy arbitrage in the day-ahead and real-time or intraday markets, together with profitable opportunities in ancillary services will generate considerable additional revenues. Finally, CMBlu will provide an integrated AI-based software platform to tap into this full value chain from optimized battery operation to full electricity wholesale market access.

Be part of a key technology for the energy and climate transition.

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