Microgrids / Off-grid

Decarbonization of autonomous electricity systems

Isolated electricity systems

Microgrids are electricity systems that can operate independently of the large-scale grid, while off-grid installations are fully isolated electricity systems in remote regions. Most often, only diesel generators make it possible to deliver a continuous power supply within these small autonomous networks. While in larger electricity systems the intermittency of total power generation is partly compensated for by a greater number of different producers, decarbonized microgrids, often rely on a single photovoltaic system. Accordingly, fail-safe electricity time-shifting provided by battery storage systems is even more important within these small-scale grids.

Decarbonization using Organic SolidFlow batteries from CMBlu

Organic SolidFlow batteries from CMBlu enable the decarbonization of autonomous energy systems separately from the backbone of a higher-level grid. This is because flow batteries are independently scalable in terms of power and capacity. This means their charging and discharging cycles can last up to a whole day or even longer, while still keeping costs low. Our organic electrolytes can be replenished and potentially deliver unlimited cycles, making Organic SolidFlow batteries a sustainable, long-lasting and low-maintenance solution. Extremely safe operation is guaranteed by their aqueous electrolyte solutions, meaning none of the “thermal runaway” and fires associated with lithium-ion systems. And due to their modular construction, maintenance, refurbishment as well as retrofitting can be performed in a very flexible manner.

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