Our compact and reliable stacks
assure high performance





Max. Reaction Time


Organic-Flow-Batteries are modular
high-performance systems for power grids

As heart of the battery, the stack ensures
highly efficient energy conversion

Komponenten Batterie-Stack Komponenten Batterie-Stack

Relevant Stack components at a glance

The collector is the connecting piece between load and electrode. It transfers the electricity from load to battery and vice versa.

The electrodes consist of a bipolar plate with an active layer on both sides. Through the active layer, the electrical energy can be converted into chemical energy and the other way round. These bipolar electrodes allow a very compact construction of the individual cells. They are primarily carbon and don’t need any rare materials.
The membrane separates the half-cells from each other. It s important to prevent the mixing of the two types of electrolyte. The non-halogen membrane is only permeable to certain ions. It allows the exchange of ions so that necessary chemical reactions for energy storage can take place.

The frames are made of plastic and allow an even flow of electrolyte over the electrodes. The joint frames give stability and tightness to the stack.
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Advantages of the stack


Industrial series production

In cooperation with renowned industrial partners, we ensure high production capacities.

Long service life
and cycle stability

The quality of the used materials and the optimized components ensure a long service life.

High Operational

The Organic Flow System is neither flammable nor explosive. All components meet the highest safety standards.

Low Maintenance

The stack is almost maintenance-free. Sensors permanently monitor its condition.

No use of rare raw materials

The absence of rare earths and precious metals makes the system a very sustainable solution.

High performance and compact design

Stacks can be piled up in high-bay racks to achieve very high performance on a small area.