Energy storage systems are urgently needed today
and demand will grow massively by 2040

Increasing energy

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Electricity from large scale storage



0Billion humans

Share of renewable energy

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Sources: BP 2018; IEA - WEO 2017; Mercator 2017

We want to support every power grid with large energy storage systems to achieve the best reliability of supply, economic efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Organic Flow is a groundbreaking storage technology
based on renewable raw materials.

Benefits of energy storage
with organic flow batteries

Flexibly scalable

Our Organic Flow Technology allows grid-scale, flexibly scalable energy storage up to the gigawatt range.
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Renewable electrolyte

We use lignin, a natural and renewable source, as starting material for organic electrolytes.
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Versatile applications

These energy storage systems can be adapted to customer requirements due to their modular configuration.
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Using conventional redox flow batteries has been a proven technology for more than 40 years

Spatial separation of reaction cell
and storage tanks

Organic Flow Batteries are particularly suitable for stationary energy storage, since the storage capacity is decoupled from the electrical power unit and therefore can be scaled up independently of it. The storage capacity of the battery can simply be adjusted by tank size and the amount of stored electrolyte. Two different liquid electrolytes for the negative and positive electrodes are stored in separate tanks and circulated through two half-cells where the electrochemical reactions for charging or discharging take place.


Organic Flow batteries as renewable energy storage systems
represent a new technology leap

Flexibly scalable in power and capacity

The modular design of the Organic Flow Batteries enables integration into existing infrastructures and optimal configuration according to customer requirements.

The unique advantage is the use of an organic electrolyte derived from the natural source lignin, which is available in almost unlimited amounts.
Battery Stack Organic Electrolyte